Our Filtration Solutions

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Air Filters

Clean air is essential for successful combustion in your engine. The air intake system establishes a barrier to airborne contaminants, allowing only clean air to enter the engine. Whatever your specific application, from a mower to a gas turbine, MLA have the range of air intake filters to meet your needs. Whether turbocharge or not, MLA can advise on the correct part, even to the extent of which particular materials and components of a filter are best suited to your application. The correct air filter protects your equipment and gives a cost-effective service life.

Air Conditioning/Air Handling/Dust Collection

Air handling units for healthcare, NHS, industrial, warehousing all require advanced filtration. Industrial processes can emit air contamination, which can be harmful to both people and to equipment. A dust collection system needs to be maintained in good condition to assure high efficiency and low energy costs, especially with the reverse pulse self-cleaning units. The air pollution control industry can be very fragmented in its application and MLA is your single source for both application and spares advice. Eurovent units available on request, please call or email for details

Automotive Filters

Passenger cars, motorcycles, sports and recreational vehicles all need high quality filtration to protect the engine, transmission and propulsion systems. MLA is your single source for all your filtration needs, including high performance racing filtration.

Oil Filters

Modern high-performance engines have evolved over the last 20 years into very sophisticated machines requiring correspondingly sophisticated filtration. Effective lubrication is vital for your engine's moving parts; the circulating oil carrying away harmful particles and subsequently trapping them in the oil filter. The latest designs of engines are built to run faster, hotter and produce higher power and as a result, increasingly tight tolerances and effective filtration are critical to efficient and cost-effective running. MLA can advise on the specific parts you need and, in many cases, offer cost effective alternatives based on your specific application.

Fuel Filters

As well as the evolution of engine technology, the face of fuel technology is also changing. Diesel fuel is notoriously variable in its cleanliness and we now need to consider the addition of bio oils into the equation. Typically, dirt, water and wax can all be found in commercially available diesel. The latest specification of common rail and high-pressure fuel systems require ever more stringent fuel filtration. Meeting current emissions legislation requires cleaner and perfect combustion parameters. MLA can provide you with the most cost-effective solution designed to perform better and to match your equipment and vehicle range

Hydraulic Filters

As pressures, flow rates and the sophistication of hydraulic systems have developed over the years, the importance of filtration and system maintenance has significantly increased. Irrespective of whether your hydraulic equipment is mobile, static or industrial, cleanliness of the hydraulic system is critical to both a safe and effective operation. MLA can supply you with low, medium and high-pressure hydraulic filters and help you make the selection in the most cost-effective way.

Marine Filters

Engine, propulsion and hydraulic systems in the marine environment operate in one of the most arduous conditions of any application. The quality and effectiveness of the filtration can protect both human life and equipment reliability. MLA can advise on the specifications needed for fuel, oil, air and hydraulic filtration in the marine environment.

Ground Maintenance

MLA is becoming the supplier of choice in this specific area of ground maintenance and small construction plant, both for filtration and repair parts. With an extensive one stop shop for filters and spares for a range of equipment from engine powered hand tools, to mowers, to vans, to mini diggers, MLA has the range and the stock to support your maintenance department.

Water Filters

For many industrial and commercial processes clean water is essential to the quality of the finished product. The sourcing and selection of water filters is not straight forward, and as well as accurate cross-referencing parts, MLA can often advise on improving the performance of your system using the latest technology, such as spun bonded and depth loading filters. This business sector is incredibly diverse with applications varying from the brewing and drinks industry, through medical and pharmaceutical to chemical, oil and gas. MLA source and stock one of the widest ranges of water filtration products on the market today and provide a one stop shop for spares, service and advice.